White Starlit Dance Floor Hire within Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex & surrounding areas

Most venues offer a normal dance floor which creates a central area where people can dance and protect the floor from wear/tear. This looks dull and boring to you and your guests. Most of the time the dance floor sticks out like a sore thumb when you decorate the venue.

A Starlit White Dance Floor with LED lights looks fantastic and encourages guests to use it. Our Professional DJ use state of equipment, DMX lighting, and the best-tailored music to get the party moving and up on their feet. The White LED dance floor is the perfect crowd pleaser for any Wedding Reception, Corporate, or Private Event. Many customers are including a Dance Floor is one of our Package deals.

Why do people want a Starlit Dance Floor?

It transforms the venue and is like the icing on the cake when it comes to completing any party.

What is the cost and price of an LED White Dance Floor Hire?

Prospective clients are looking for LED Dance Floor hire they usually look for competitive prices. We highly recommend asking the providers which type they supply as there are many Chinese cheap Dance Floors out there that usually fail to deliver. Our Dance Floors are made in the UK by Grumpy Joes who are one of the best Dance Floor manufacturers. If customers are looking to add other products alongside our Dance Floor rental, then we can offer package deals and savings. Prices start from £375.00 depending on location, we cover Hampshire, Surrey, South Coast, Berkshire areas. If you are getting married, Dancing on the Clouds will shine through the dry ice fog and they are truly the perfect combination.

What is the ideal size of your LED Dance Floor?

This all depends on which venue you have chosen; Invite Events is a recommended supplier of many Hampshire venues. For example, if your venue is Marwell Hotel, Holiday Inn Portsmouth, Solent Hotel, Marriott, or South Downs Manor I would recommend a 14ft x 14ft (50 dancing) Starlit Dance Floor which is suitable for roughly 120 guests. If you have a larger venue such as Marriott Hotel Portsmouth with 200 guests, then a 16ft x 16ft (65 dancing) would be ideal. A 12ft x 12ft would work well at a smaller venue but can only fit roughly 35 guests.

How much room does each couple dancing couple need?

The industry standard that each couple will need 9 square ft per couple (that equates to 4.5 per person). You need to consider how many people may dance throughout the night there’s no need to get bigger than is needed. We always suggest speaking with the venue, marquee companies, and dance floor suppliers to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Popular Wedding Dance Floor sizes (Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex & surrounding areas)

Our most Wedding Dance Floor size is 14ft x 14ft as this accommodates a small to medium venue with 75-120 guests. Ultimately the size will depend on your venue.

If you have any questions regarding White Starlit Dance Floors, please contact us.

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