Photo Booth history & recommendations (Hire throughout Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex & surrounding areas)

There are so many Photobooth options out there and can be very confusing when hiring a Photo Booth. As companies charge different rates and provide different types, this blog will help when choosing the correct service for your Event or Wedding Reception.

Photo Booth hire has become a very popular choice for event organizers and wedding couples. They are a fantastic fun way to record memories of a special event, with lots of quickie props to give you some creative shots. Technology has come a long way since the photo booth began operation, and plenty of technological breakthroughs were required to it to that point in the first place.

History of the Photo Booth Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex & surrounding areas

The first patent for the automated photo machine was filed in 1888, the following year French inventor T.E. Enjalbert showed off a working coin-operated photographic machine

The traditional Enclosed Photo Booth enables individuals, couples, and groups (max of 5 people) to take fun photos at events or Weddings creating an opportunity to have lots of photogenic fun.  At the World Fair in Paris, but the press was not impressed by the results. In 1912 the Ashton-Wolff automatic photo machine was born. An individual sat on a stool facing the lens, which was surrounded by a large box-like casing. Once the photo was taken a sign lit up saying that the person could stand that their portrait would emerge from the device in four minutes. The technology clearly had a long way to go…

The inventor of the photo booth is regarded as Anatol Josepho a Siberian immigrant to the US who learned the trade of photography to help fund his travels. Joesph patented the ‘Photomation’ in 1925, a Photo Booth that developed eight photos in eight minutes. He had to raise £11,000 to construct a prototype- that’s nearly £150,000 in today’s money. Josepho’s studio saw 280,000 customers in the first 6 months opening until 4 pm to meet demand. By the second world war, there were over 30,000 working photo booths in the US alone.

Photo Booths quickly established themselves in popular culture. We saw them appear in countless TV shows and films, and artists such as Andy Warhol used them as the foundation of artworks. Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and countless other stars used Photo Booths. From the ‘50s through to the 80s’ Photo Booths were everywhere.

In the early 2005’s Photo Booth rental becomes very popular it all started in the United States primarily for Wedding Reception, Birthdays Parties, Corporate Events, and proms parties. The printing of unlimited photos with the attendant to service the Photo Booth. Online image hosting, with contact discs containing the images. The Photo Booth rental started appearing in the UK from around 2008, a boom began in 2012 many Photo Booth companies started.

The Modern-day Photo booth types (Hire Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey areas)

The Fully Enclosed Photo Booth was one of the most popular versions it gives the opportunity for guests to go behind the curtain with props and take silly or serious photos at events such as Weddings, Corporate Parties, or Private gatherings. Invite Events started hiring Photo Booths in 2014 and quickly become a huge success. The structure is built and looks very similar to the early versions but with a twist now offering green screen technologies, social media options, and email possibilities. Click for more details on booking this service.

In 2016 in an exciting new Photobooth concept was launched and became popular the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, which uses the same concept of a photo booth. The new novelty of the Magic Mirror Photobooth I that it can now take full-length photos as supposed to the traditional head and shoulder images. It’s fully interactive and with increased technologies with a touch screen.

Click for more details on hiring this service.

As cameras on phones become a modern-day obsession with the influences of social media and celebrity culture. A new Photobooth concept was develop using people’s personal phones to interact with new software designed to capture onto a big screen while printing. The Selfie Wizard Photo Booth was born, click here to see a great video and full details.

The three options Invite Events offers are the perfect solution for any Wedding Reception, Corporate Events, Private Celebration. Each option gives advantages but similar results. Some providers will charge less but not always give the best impact on your event as cheaper versions will cut corners. We suggest check what type of Photo Booth you are booking and the finer details. Is the company respectable and recommended? Ask questions such as: what does it come with? For how long? Does it print within 10 seconds? How many copies? Is an attendant regularly available? Can I customize my print layout? What type of structure? Fully Enclosed, Green Screen, Magic Mirror type, etc? Does your Magic Mirror come with a backdrop, red carpet, choose of different frames?

Invite Events us Foto Master which are the best Magic Mirror Photo Booths money can buy. You can choose from five different backdrops, red carpet, three frame options, customized animations. Hire within the Hampshire, Surrey, and surrounding areas For all details click here 

Invite Events Fully Enclosed Photo Booth is one of the best out their form Photobooths UK which uses one of the most advanced of software available. The structure is built from scratch and comes with a customized green screen and prints. Click for all details

Selfie Wizard Photo Booth was the first of its kind and developed by Toni Cavallo a Photo Booth pioneer within the South Coast area.

All our Photos Booths come with backup equipment and prints within 10 seconds. Contact us for further information on hiring one of our Photo Booths within the Hampshire, Surrey, and surrounding areas.

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