Hire of 4ft Giant Numbers & Letters are perfect for any Wedding, Private, or Corporate Event (Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex & surrounding areas)
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4 ft Giant Numbers and Letters have become a popular trend over the lockdown period. With Weddings & Events resuming in 2021 we expect the trend to continue for years to come. The illuminated letters & numbers are usually four foot however some companies offer larger options.

The trend started in early 2014 couples hired Giant LOVE or MR & MRS letters for their Wedding Receptions. As bride and grooms hired more often event companies looked to increase stock and offer even more choice. You can now hire all sorts of variations and styles such as four-foot flower-inspired, colored, white, and rustic. There many companies throughout Hampshire, Surrey & West Sussex areas that offer the service. Party shops offer a balloon style which can provide a very cheap alternative to large 4 ft custom-built letters and numbers.  The Light Up letter/number looks so much better in any photo than a traditional dull balloon style. The build quality makes a huge difference, balloons are tricky to stay still, very frustrating when taking a photo. The custom-built versions have their own power supply, one standard plug is required. If you have hired a larger venue such as Old Thorns in Hampshire, we would recommend choosing 5 ft, but 4 ft for smaller venues (New Place, Marwell Hotel Hampshire). The hired period is normally 24 hours depending on your requirements. The units are maintained, PAT tested, and a risk assessment is carried out for the safety of guests and hirer.

The letters or numbers can be situated anywhere within the venue, most hirers choose close to the DJ Booth, LED Dance Floor, or Photobooth area. This attracts people to the dance floor and helps to create a party atmosphere. If you are hiring for a surprise proposal (MARRY ME) we can deliver at a time best suited. Giant letters & numbers are popular at PROMS within the Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and surrounding areas. Couples love the fact that they can spell their surname in giant letters. Corporate clients can have their brand light up, with the year perfect for any anniversary year.

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