9 Hole Mini Golf Hire in Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex Perfect for Weddings, Corporate Events

9 Hole Mini Golf Wedding & Event Mini Golf is so much fun at Weddings & Events. The course is designed to be fun but challenging ranging from Par 2 to Par 3 Golf Holes. Miniature Golf Hire is perfect for all generations! The Miniature Golf Hire can be set up around your time scale and is perfect for Photo opportunities. A member of the team can be onsite throughout the hire. The Crazy Golf is available for hire within Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and surrounding areas.

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Wedding & Corporate 9 Hole Mini Golf Hire Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and surrounding areas

The course includes 9 Fun Golf Holes created in the house making our Mini Golf Hire a unique bookable experience like no other throughout the UK. Each Hole has its own features and par perfect for the pro golfer or a complete beginner. Available to hire for Weddings, Corporate events, summer parties, or anything in between. Feature Holes are adaptable making our course the most unique hireable Mini Golf in the UK. Contact us today for all details on Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and surrounding areas.


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Fun 9 Hole Course Hire Hampshire, Surrey, Wests Sussex, and surrounding areas

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Select your weapon of choice (putter), scorecard, and Golf ball. The handcrafted wooden unit ideal place to start.


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Hole 1 Rough Lovin Par 2

First Hole is where the LOVE of Golf begins, watch out for the bug. A changeling par 2 nearly impossible to get a hole in one. Rough surrounds the hole making this a truly lovable hole!

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Hole 2 Eagle Mill Par 3

First of the Feature Holes, moving 5-foot Windmill Par 3. A ramp leads up to the Windmill go round of risk a hole in one.

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Hole 3 Masters F.C. Par 3

Combining Football & Golf into one crazy golf hole. Put through the “Masters Stadium” usable foosball players.

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Hole 4 Tea 4 Two Par 2

Second Feature Hole Moving Cake Stand, Par 2. This hole is all about timing get it wrong and can be one of the hardest holes of them all!


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Hole 5 Ground Under Repair Par 3

Watch out the bunnies cause all sorts of problems, oh rough and small holes! (Par 3)

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Hole 6 Bridge the Gap Par 3

The only way to play this Crazy Hole is by using the Bridge. A tough Par 2 for any golfer!

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Hole 7 Gimmie to the Church Par 3

Third Feature Hole a 4 Foot Church with a functional bell! Par 3 is nearly impossible to get a bridie. Watch out for the cheaters!

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Hole 8 Air Shot Par 3

One of the most frustrating holes of them all! (Par 3) Yay got over the gap now you find our self in the bunker, Doh!

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Hole 9 Flying Fore Par 3

Truly a magical Mini Golf Hole, our Fourth Feature Hole. (Par 3) Three Foot Mountain structures with a moving train, showstopper!

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Crazy Mini Golf Weddings, Corporate & Events Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex and surrounding areas

Nine Hole Golf Hire is ideal for Weddings, Corporate, Summer Military Events, and much more. Wedding guests have so much fun and take lots of photos. Corporate bookings enjoy team-building exercises, incorporate prizes, and bond working relationships.

Our Crazy Golf Hire is one of the best in the UK. Our Mini Golf Holes have been hand-crafted with unique Feature holes, found nowhere else.

Invite Events offers the best services in Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, and surrounding areas. Services include Wedding DJ Service, Magic Mirror, Enclosed Photo Booth, Starlit Dance Floor, Telephone booth, 4 ft Giant Letters/Numbers, Dancing on the Clouds, and much more.

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